Skriptsoftware: KIT Scenarist

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  1. Lupin Wolf

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    Thanks for the explanation. I understand, why you chose this way. Normaly standard spellchecking on most Linux Systems works with aspell (old, works fine in english - but in others its horrible). Than there are many many more Spellchecking Systems, that can also used directly in the Operating System (Stardict, Goldendict aso.). In this way, Linux goes the BSD/MacOs/Fedora/Mint (I must correct me, meanwhile they use native hunspell, no aspell anymore like Ubuntu) way to integrated something - but it's a mess. Grab out from Fourth Party Software (from Mozilla or OpenOffice Family's or something else) made no sense. I think also, that ist the best way to use it under (most) Linux-Systems and Windows.
    dimkanovikov gefällt das.